FlashmObama, lecțiile de comunicare, tacticile și un nou concept

La cererea domnului profesor Marius Matache dau mai jos câteva elemente la dosarul alegerilor din SUA, exemple de flashmob ca o ilustrare a strategiei de mobilizare adoptată de Barack Obama, lecții de comunicare din campanie, rolul prezenței teritoriale și un concept aflat în tendințe.
Flash Mob for Obama 2012 (Highlights)
Și un cântec compus de Marcus „Bellringer” Bell ca suport muzical.
Și 10 lecții de comunicare extrase de Darrell M. West Communications Lessons from the 2012 Presidential Election dintre care 5 se leagă de mobilizare, social media și noile tehnologii.
4) Mobile Technology is King
5) Social Media and Search Advertising Are Gaining in Importance.Obama spent about 10 percent of his advertising budget on digital outreach through Facebook, Google, and Bing, which was considerably higher than Romney.
6 ) Twitter Allows People to Evaluate the Candidates and Democratize Political Commentary.
7) Tweets Are the New Battleground.
8) Tweets Can Backfire.
Un alt aspect din bucătăria mobilizării How They Did It: Political Tactics That Helped Obama Win a Second Term
SASHA ISSENBERG, Author, „The Victory Lab”: Yes.
This is basically an instance of I think tactics sort of informing strategy. The Obama campaign thought of this in many respects as a mobilization election. They had to put together the coalition that they had successfully turned out in 2008, a lot of – parts of the electorate that traditionally voted at a low rate and they needed to reengage them and mobilize them again, young people, minorities in particular.
And what they had on their side was a whole bunch of new tools. They started running these randomized control experiments, basically field experiments, that allowed them to understand what actually moved voters.
And they came up with a sort of body of knowledge, not only about specific issues that would persuade voters, little bits of messaging.
But they came to understand I think a whole lot more about what the value of an individual interaction with a volunteer was in both changing somebody’s mind or getting them out to vote. And that informed their ability to think they could, even if they were outspent in the fall, to do a lot of this work on the ground.
Din punct de vedere logistic și al organizării în teritoriu Obama a stat mult mai bine. Mapping Romney and Obama Field Offices. Mai precis
Obama had 786 field offices compared to Romney’s 284 (roughly 2.75 times as many).

Dar nu este vorba doar de prezență și acoperire spațială ci de asigurarea prin prezența locală că există destui voluntari locali care pot aborda foarte personalizat orice oportunitate de reclamă electorală. Vezi What’s a good ground game worth? About one point.
Și cea mai bună analiză pe prezența teritorială Obama’s Edge: The Ground Game That Could Put Him Over the Top care explică de ce a funcționat mai bine mobilizarea la Obama:
These basic characteristics were repeated in all the offices I visited: The Obama offices were devoted almost entirely to the president’s reelection; the Republican offices were devoted almost entirely to local candidates, with little presence for Romney. In Greenwood Village, Colorado, I walked in past a handwritten sign reading „WE ARE OUT OF ROMNEY YARD SIGNS,” then had a nice chat with a staffer for Rep. Mike Coffman. In Canton, Ohio, the small GOP storefront was dominated by „Win With Jim!” signs for Rep. Jim Renacci. Obama’s nearest offices in both places were all Obama. In Canton, a clutch of yard signs for Sen. Sherrod Brown leaned against a wall, but table after table was filled with Obama lit – Veterans for Obama, Women for Obama, Latinos for Obama, and so on. The Obama campaign uses cell phones exclusively, while the Republicans use Internet-based land line phones programmed to make voter calls. Every Obama office has an „I Support the President Because…” wall, covered with earnest paeans to Obamacare and the like.
In a technical sense, the Romney campaign actually does not have a ground game at all. It has handed over that responsibility to the Republican National Committee, which leads a coordinated effort intended to boost candidates from the top of the ticket on down. The RNC says this is an advantage: The presidential campaign and the local campaigns aren’t duplicating efforts, and the RNC was able to start building its ground operation to take on Obama in March, before Romney had secured the GOP nomination.
În loc de concluzie, cred se va vorbi și experimenta din ce în ce mai mult cu conceptul ”campanie cu viabilitate minimală” și în zona bătăliilor electorale. La origine a apărut în marketing sub denumirea de ”minimal viable product”.
Tacticile de mobilizare vor trebui selectate și/sau adaptate rapid iar pentru asta trebuie să construiești o micro-campanie locală, să generezi un instrument de mobilizare care să fie ușor de acceptat iar voluntarii să învețe rapid ce au de făcut.
O sursa bună  How Network Analysis Tracks Stories and Builds Stronger Campaigns.
Rapid learning: Minimum viable campaigns
A primary goal of Upwell is to increase coverage of and conversation about the ocean (a marketing and PR agency for the ocean). In particular, Upwell is working to increase social network mentions of the ocean.
Upwell uses a method that it calls “minimum viable campaigns” to help generate data and lessons quickly. Essentially, the team asks what it and/or the ocean community needs to know more about networks and communications. It then establishes a discrete and testable hypothesis and creates a quick, low resource campaign that can create trackable social network messaging.
This also fits the fast-paced nature of social media and news coverage. Complex, multi-party campaigns with goals and strategies that demand months or years of execution are often outdated before they even start. A quick, iterative approach lets Upwell work with the news cycle.
Dacă mai aveți și voi alte aspecte de semnalat ar fi foarte utile.

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