Politica externă a Rusiei

În contextul vizitei ministrului de externe Titus Corlățean la Moscova am citit o scurtă prezentare a politicii externe rusești scrisă de Serghei Lavrov in International Affairs nr. 3/ 2013. Citatul de mai jos rezumă de fapt dilema rusească: când Moscova urmărește ”limitele naturale” (adică se orientează spre expansiune)  își schimbă statutul/starea, când nu le urmărește (adică se concentrează pe priorități interne), alți actori îi amenință statutul internațional.
Din această dilemă, Rusia nu poate ieși.
Russia’s chief international activity goal is to provide a favorable external environment for an economic upturn, putting the economy on an innovative footing, and improving the living standards. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this approach not only arises from an analysis of the country’s current situation but is also the only natural one for Russia in the historical perspective. In this context I would like to quote a circular letter to the Russian ambassadors to the courts of foreign powers that was sent on March 4, 1881 in connection with the enthronement of Emperor Alexander III. It stated that Russia „has reached its natural limits; it has nothing more to wish for, nothing to seek from anybody. It only needs to consolidate its status, protect itself against an external danger and develop its internal, moral and material resources, accumulating reserves and improving its wealth.” In 1893, Alexander III reaffirmed that approach, when he wrote that „the peaceful development of Russian power should be the exclusive subject of state concerns and an incentive for a peaceful policy.”
During the past century, wars, revolutions, and the bipolar confrontation did not allow our country to fully concentrate on the implementation of a constructive agenda. At present, when Russia is not in conflict with anybody, firmly stands on its feet and is confidently implementing development plans, new opportunities are opening for that.

Despre Claudiu Degeratu
Expert in securitate nationala, internationala, NATO, UE, aparare si studii strategice

2 Responses to Politica externă a Rusiei

  1. George Visan says:

    Serghei Lavrov acest Gorceakov modern! :)))))

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