Geolocația, social media și intelligence

Apropo de E. Snowden și dezbaterea privind accesul la informații, analiza și mai tendințele actuale în cercetare recomand o prezentare susținută la Location Intelligence and Oracle Spatial and Graph User Conference 2013, 

de către prof. Arie Croitoru – Harvesting Intelligence from Social Media Through GeoSocial Analysis 

The remarkable success of online social media sites marks a shift in the way people connect and share information. Much of this information now contains some form of geographical content due to the proliferation of location-aware devices, thus fostering the emergence of geosocial media – and geosocial analysis. Through the analysis of geosocial media we are able, for the first time, to observe human activities in scales and resolutions that were so far unavailable. Furthermore, the wide spectrum of social media data and service types provides a multitude of perspectives on real-world activities and happenings, thus opening new frontiers in geosocial knowledge discovery. However, gleaning knowledge from geosocial media is a challenging task, as they tend to be unstructured and thematically diverse. In this presentation we review through selected test cases some of the emerging opportunities and challenges associated with the analysis of geosocial media.

Arie Croitoru-GMU-Location Intelligence 2013 v02



Despre Claudiu Degeratu
Expert in securitate nationala, internationala, NATO, UE, aparare si studii strategice

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