Răspunsuri academice

Down the rabbit hole 

by Christopher Fear 


It is not political philosophy as a whole that is “academic”, or “make-believe”. It is most of the questions that political philosophers pose that are academic. There is nothing inherently academic about philosophical thinking. It is true that there have always been great political philosophers who were ignored by politicians, and it is true that this is not a recent development. But philosophical dealers in abstract truths have always also had contemporaries from whom politicians do take guidance.

The difference between them has always been that where the ignored offered answers that politicians didn’t need to questions that didn’t interest them, the influential offered solutions to problems that politicians wanted or needed to have answered. David Hume’s Essays Moral and Political speak closely to the political concerns and controversies of the time.

The practical influence of Hume’s Essays was fragmented by the varying importance of the questions Hume had dealt with.The Social Contract however, by Hume’s one-time friend and later bitter enemy Jean-Jacques Rousseau, answers a question that is at once everywhere and nowhere, which is why the established politicians of Rousseau’s lifetime had little use for it.



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Expert in securitate nationala, internationala, NATO, UE, aparare si studii strategice

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