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Tired Metaphors? Ciao, Contestant!

‘Masterpiece,’ an Italian Reality Show for Writers

That question will soon be answered on Italian state television, which on Sunday is introducing “Masterpiece,” a show in which aspiring authors vie at literary challenges until one contestant wins a major book deal — and a level of publicity that few novelists achieve over a lifetime of quiet toil.

All the conventions of the TV talent show are present: the tantalizing possibility of fame, excruciating exposure, an expert panel delivering life-changing verdicts. There’s even a “confessional” room where contestants can express their anguish (on video, naturally).

If “Masterpiece” turns out to be a hit, the producers may try the concept in other countries — a prospect likely to both appall and intrigue the publishing industry. At first glance, many consider the concept crass; then again, how often do novels get even a mention on prime-time television?



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