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Accordions: So Hot Right Now by Hallie Golden

Once considered glamorous and sexy, then forgotten, the instrument is making a comeback.

By 1938, the AAA was founded in New York, and its first president, Pietro Deiro, became fondly known as the “daddy of the accordion.” The group’s initial goal was to show the public that the instrument was as serious as any other. A year later, it succeeded by helping to facilitate the first-ever accordion performance at Carnegie Hall.

The Petosa Accordion Company survives till today, as the only US-owned-and-operated accordion manufacturer around. Many of its rivals started to die out as rock and roll came to prominence in the ‘60s. Acts like The Beatles popularized the guitar-drums-vocals setup that remained the pop-culture standard for decades to come, though ironically, according to Grauman, both Elvis and John Lennon played the accordion before beginning the guitar.



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