646 – Six Californias: a Silly Con? by Frank Jacobs

The best argument against German Unification came from French writer François Mauriac: “J’aime tellement l’Allemagne que je préfère qu’il y en ait deux”. It takes an American to propel that backhanded compliment to the next level. Venture capitalist Tim Draper loves his home state of California so much that he’d prefer not two but six of them. He will explain why and how at a press conference scheduled today for 3pm (PST). 

California is by far the most populous state of the U.S. The 26 million Texans are a distant second to California’s 38 million. In other respects as well, the Golden State compares better to other top countries than other top states.

In area, California is 20% larger than Germany. With its population just under half of Germany’s and its $2-trillion economy almost at two-thirds, California on its own would have the world’s 9th-highest GDP (Germany is 4th). Why would anyone want to replace that golden-egg-laying goose with half a dozen less remarkable goslings?

In Mr. Draper’s words, because California as a single unit has become too expensive and too ungovernable: “We now spend the most [of all states on education and prisons] and we get the least in return: […] We’re 46th in education […] We are among the highest recidivism rates. […] There have been some good people running California […] so it must be systemic”.



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