Încredere și compromis

După Conferința de la Ialta și cea de la Malta cred că Ucraina se poate califica la a deveni subiectul unei mari înțelegeri între Rusia, SUA și UE. Ucraina ar putea fi Grecia sau România din 1944.

A fact checker from a major mag­a­zine wrote ask­ing if Churchill ever declared, “Stalin never broke his word to me.” The short answer is yes. The long answer shows how care­ful we should be when quot­ing Churchill.

The orig­i­nal source of this quote is the jour­nal­ist C.L. Sulzberger (1912-1993), in his 1970 book, Last of the Giants, page 304. Here Sulzberger reports his “five hours with old Win­ston Churchill” at Chartwell on 10 July 1956.

Churchill, wrote Sulzberger, thought Stalin “a great man, above all com­pared to Khr­uschev and Bul­ganin,” and quoted Churchill as follows:

Stalin never broke his word to me. We agreed on the Balkans. I said he could have Ruma­nia and Bul­garia; he said we could have Greece (of course, only in our sphere, you know). He signed a slip of paper. And he never broke his word. We saved Greece that way. When we went in in 1944 Stalin didn’t inter­fere. You Amer­i­cans didn’t help, you know.

Churchill was refer­ring to the much mis­rep­re­sented “naughty paper,” the “per­cent­ages agree­ment” with Stalin in their Moscow talks (Tol­stoy Con­fer­ence,  9-19 Octo­ber 1944)—which Stalin did honor. The Sovi­ets made no move to inter­fere when Churchill flew to Athens to bro­ker a truce between com­mu­nist and nation­al­ist insur­gents, though Stalin was soon med­dling in Greece in 1948.

“Stalin never broke his word to me.” Churchill’s words?


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Expert in securitate nationala, internationala, NATO, UE, aparare si studii strategice

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