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Russia invites to work the citizens of Tajikistan

Dushanbe, 17.02.2015. (NIAT „Khovar”). – LLC „Agriculture complex Shatursky” invites citizens of Tajikistan to permanent seasonal employment. It has been stated by Director General of the company Anatoly Gurov during a meeting with head of the representation of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Migration of Tajikistan in Russia on migration Asror Odinaev.

According to the press-secretary of the Representation of the Ministry of Tajikistan in Russia Ibrohim Akhmadov, the company mainly specializes in animal husbandry, as well as producing dairy and meat products.

„At this point we need a milking machine operators and livestock”, – said Alexander Gurov and noted that the organization will accept to work foreign citizens on the basis of the Labor Code, with all the social guarantees, provide housing and food. It is possible to arrange the children in kindergarten and school. Salary per month on average, with the two days off each week is 30 thousand rubles, „- said the director of the company.

In addition A.Gurov noted that the organization is ready to partially compensate the employee tax payments.


Complexul agricol Shatursky este localizat în Regiunea Moscova. Vezi Wiki

Americanii se pregătesc, noi ?

Întrebarea este retorică, evident că și noi ne pregătim. Dar dacă totuși vă interesează cam ce se studiază în materie de prezență militară americană pe glob dar și, posibil, în Europa de Est vă recomand un studiu RAND privind conceptul de trupe aeropurtate.

Enhanced Army Airborne Forces- A New Joint Operational Capability

În special capitolul privind conceptul de forță aeropurtată, acolo unde se dezbate varianta cu introducerea blindatelor  și a tancurilor ușoare este interesantă  precum și comparația cu concepte similare din Rusia și China:

It should be noted that some other airborne forces, particularly Russia’s and China’s, have organic light armor. Russia has employed light armor in its airborne units since the 1960s, when the ASU-57 self-propelled antitank gun became part of its parachute units. Later, it added specialized airdroppable fighting vehicles, such as the BMD infantry fighting vehicle. The Chinese took a similar path, and today’s airborne units in the People’s Liberation Army include light armored vehicles that are parachute-droppable. Today, the Russian Air Force has enough transport aircraft to airdrop one 5,000-personnel, two regiment airborne division, including its fighting vehicles, in roughly three sorties.

Dincolo de limbă

Human language reveals a universal positivity bias  Peter Sheridan Dodds et all, PNAS 2015 : 1411678112v1-201411678.

Using human evaluation of 100,000 words spread across 24 corpora in 10 languages diverse in origin and culture, we present evidence of a deep imprint of human sociality in language, observing that (i) the words of natural human language possess a universal positivity bias, (ii) the estimated emotional content of words is consistent between languages under translation, and (iii) this positivity bias is strongly independent of frequency of word use. Alongside these general regularities, we describe interlanguage variations in the emotional spectrum of languages that allow us to rank corpora. We also show how our word evaluations can be used to construct physical-like instruments for both real-time and offline measurement of the emotional content of large-scale texts.

Jazzmen, one, two, three… (69)

Brasil Pandeiro por Luigi Bertolli


Mario Schiano – Nun te scurda’ o’ garofano


La notte. Musica: Giorgio Gaslini




Brian Blade and The Fellowship Band (Live) at Chicago Music Exchange


Marcus Miller – Jean Pierre


Enrico Rava Quartet – Rai station, Turin, Italy, 1976


Cry me a River, Lisa Ekdahl