Un pas important în mediul digital

Cu protestul virtual organizat în fața Parlamentului spaniol se deschide o nouă eră în exprimarea publică. Va fi foarte interesant care vor fi noile limite de creativitate în formele de protest.

Virtual Protest: Activists Launch Hologram Demo Against Spain’s New Anti-Protest Laws

Și lucrurile sunt experimentate de ceva timp.

You Can Now Attend a Protest in Virtual Reality

When you put a frame around something, you get the audience to interpret what’s in that frame in a very certain way. Often the director or the cameraman can influence what it is you’re seeing, and what it is you think you’re seeing. Whereas there’s nowhere to hide with a 360-degree camera.

UC San Diego professor who studies disobedience gains followers – and investigators

„I’m interested in how different forms of power respond to this,” said Dominguez, 50, in a mellifluous baritone. „Our work has always been to bring to the foreground what artists can do using available low-end, new technologies that can have a wider encounter with society than just the limited landscape of the museum, the gallery and the scholarly paper.”

Virtual Protests Explained

A virtual protest gives people a way to let their views be known without having to face the risk of being attacked, arrested or even killed. You register your attendance at a virtual event by accepting an event invite or sending a message, for example by SMS or using a social network like Twitter.

Announcing Selena The One: Ambitious Project to Create Iconic Singer in Digital Format – Body, Voice, and Mind

HP’s Zvr ‘virtual reality’ display shows holographic projections

Holographic imaging meets virtual reality in HP’s futuristic Zvr display, which bring new levels of 3D interactivity not yet seen in monitors.

The 23.6-inch display combines sensing and imaging technology from HP’s research labs that change how 3D content is viewed and modified. The monitor projects full 3D images into thin air, and users – who have to wear 3D glasses – can then navigate, zoom and manipulate those images without touching the screen.

French Airport Tests ‘Virtual’ Hologram Boarding Agents

The images materialize seemingly out of thin air when a boarding agent – a real live human – presses a button to signal the start of boarding.

They are actually being rear-projected onto a human shaped silhouette made of plexiglass. Three actual airport boarding agents were filmed in a studio to create the illusion, which the airport hopes will be more eye-catching and easier for passengers to understand than traditional electronic display terminals.



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