Jackson Pollock, the one-man tornado who spattered his way to fame

Peggy Guggenheim and Jackson Pollock were not lovers. They were not even friends. But the encounter between these two very different people changed art.

At the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, at the grandest end of Venice’s Grand Canal, where Guggenheim settled in the late 1940s and which is today a museum of her compelling art collection, that encounter has just been recreated. Earlier this week, a barge made its way up the Grand Canal carrying a very large and very precious cargo. Boxed up and bouncing on the waves came Jackson Pollock’s painting Mural – the canvas in that photograph. More than 6m wide and almost 2.5m tall, this epic canvas is the painting that made Pollock into Pollock and gave birth to the art of our time. At last, it has been reunited with the spirit of the woman whose bold passion for art brought it into being, as part of a remarkable exploration by the Peggy Guggenheim Collection of Pollock’s legend and achievement.


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