Bernini: He Had the Touch by Ingrid D. Rowland

Bernini may have hated making portraits of other people, but he did it supremely well. We can look right into the blandly impervious face of his great patron, Pope Urban VIII, newly elected and delighted at the prospect of his papacy (in a 1631 engraved portrait by Claude Mellan from a drawing by Bernini), and then we can see the haggard image of Urban ten years later, after his two tragic mistakes, the condemnation of his onetime friend Galileo Galilei and his futile war against the feudal stronghold of Castro, have blighted the final years of his reign. The sculptor lavished particular attention on a larger-than-life terra-cotta bust of Pope Alexander VII, a diplomat with a poet’s soul who counted as a true friend, and on the ardently intimate marble portrait bust of his mistress, Costanza, exhibited in “Barocco a Roma” with the traditional identification as Costanza Bonarelli.

Jazzmen, one, two, three… (71)

Chocolate Genius Inc | Enough For You


Jimmy McGriff – What’s Going On


Ruben Studdard – Home

Donny Hathaway – A Song For You


Inas Nacht -Raphael Gualazzi -Reality And Fantasy



Diseară, de la 21.00, Radio România Actualități, la emisiunea Euroatlantica

Astăzi sunt invitat la Radio Actualități, în cadrul emisiunii Euroatlantica, de la ora 21.00. Împreună cu gazdele vom discuta despre agenda de securitate.

Puteți urmări live pe pagina Radio Romania Actualități.

Un hit- rețeta de succes

Ivor Novello awards 2015: 10 tips from nominees on how to write a hit song

Keep it real

„I’d want to know really about what you’re feeling,” says Napes. „I’d want to know where your life’s at with your relationship, your past, your mum, your dad, really personal stuff. I really want to understand what you’re made of. It’s quite a brave thing to do, you know, you’ve got to really put yourself on the line.”