Criza este o excursie de grup – Alexis Stamatis

2010 – The Greek Mirror by Alexis Stamatis

To take Fowles’ thought one step further, at this point some of us will try to smash the mirror, some will look away or stare at the frame, while others will be taken aback by this new image and will try to find out where the „good-old one” went. We are meant to pass through all the stages of grief: to learn to live with it, accept it and, inevitably, start to act. For those who won’t become lost in the glass and manage to face the world around them, there will be new roles, unimaginable just a short while ago. Roles for which the „I”–the ego, in Greek–will not be quite so central anymore.

It is becoming obvious that we are starting to think differently. Collectively. The first realization is that we are not alone. That this is not happening only to us. Many are in a much more difficult state. Almost every single one of our friends or acquaintances is going through the crucible.

A strange new thing is beginning to take shape, a new sense of „togetherness” – a unity of purpose that did not exist previously. We ‘re beginning to go out more, to visit friends, to listen, to propose new ideas. Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Chairman of Greece’s Institute for Youth, encapsulates the feeling: „The times are truly difficult – but without diminishing the vast social costs of decreasing wages, increasing unemployment and lagging growth – a crisis is perhaps the best opportunity for my generation to summon a new spirit: to identify with solutions instead of problems, with action instead of complaints, with purpose instead of compromise.”


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