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Blame Harvard for this annoying Boston accent test by Eric Randall

Today, in cars laden with mini-fridges and movie posters, the Harvard class of 2019 moves into the freshman dormitories on Harvard Yard. It’s a special day in the Boston area. After all, it marks one of the few instances when someone with a Boston accent might actually instruct people to — wait for it — “pahk the cah on Hahvahd Yahd.”

Apart from this occasion, car access to the Yard is limited to nonexistent. “We are very strict as far as who we allow in,” says Maureen A. McCarthy, manager of Harvard Yard and freshmen dormitories. “We have a lot of pedestrians and tourists so for safety concerns and just appearance, too, we limit vehicles.” Even the cars carrying new freshmen onto campus have just 20 minutes to unload before moving on. “They’re not parked here all day while they go to lunch,” McCarthy says. “We keep a close eye on that.”


Restoring Henry by Michael O’Donnell

What drives this animosity—especially toward a man who used to be widely admired? Ferguson has several theories. Perhaps it is envy. Kissinger coined many bon mots and had a way with women; the haters may simply be jealous. Another possibility is that the many witnesses against Kissinger had axes to grind—although this begs the question whether Kissinger’s own behavior invited the axes. Ferguson also perceives anti-Semitism at work. There is somewhat more substance to this charge. Kissinger’s family fled Nazi Germany for the United States in 1938, and he became a conspicuous butt of jokes in the casually prejudiced Nixon White House: the professor with the curly hair and the funny accent. Yet it is worth pointing out that Kissinger’s two most ferocious mainstream critics, Hitchens and Hersh, were themselves Jewish. More than that, it feels manipulative to play on our sympathies for a man who famously has so little sympathy for others.

Gihahadul românesc

Gihahadul românesc are forma porcului vopsit tricolor lăsat ostentativ să râme în noroi în spatele Casei Scânteii. Treculul a fost comunist, prezentul este suprarealist, să vedem cum va fi viitorul.