Vermeer în Manhattan

Vermeer in Manhattan by Robert Anthony Siegel

The problem was that I’d never actually seen a Vermeer in real life. Michael agreed to take me around to look at the paintings available in New York. There are eight: three at the Frick Collection and five at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We were going to see them all.

We began at the Frick with Officer and Laughing Girl, in which an officer in uniform and a young woman are sitting at a small table in the corner of a room by a window. Michael explained that this was probably meant to be a brothel scene, a genre popular in Vermeer’s day; he pointed out the woman’s outstretched hand resting on the table, open as if for payment. And yet the picture refuses to make a lot of sense on that level. The woman wears a prim white linen bonnet that covers her hair, and her face positively glows in the indirect light banked in through the shimmering window. Her eyes are on the soldier and her expression is quietly, exquisitely happy.


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