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‘Star Wars’: May the lexicon be with you by  Mark Peters

Peter Sokolowski, editor-at-large for Merriam-Webster, feels the success of many “Star Wars” terms has to do with them not being or feeling startlingly new. “The language of ‘Star Wars’ helps make the film believable because it feels lived-in and familiar. ‘Stormtrooper’ taps into terrifying chapters of 20th-century history from its use in WWI for Germany’s shock troops and later for Nazi paramilitaries. ‘Light saber’ is made up of familiar parts, and terms like ‘light speed,’ ‘blaster,’ and ‘imperial’ are much more familiar to our ears than made-up terms like Klingon or ‘warp speed.’ Even ‘droid’ shows brilliant faux-linguistic aging of the shortening of a familiar word (android), which happens when they become quotidian and familiar. Think of ‘bus’ from omnibus.”


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