Until 1958, the FBI Followed Physicist Richard Feynman Very Closely by Robert Hovden and Michael Morisy

Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman is remembered not only for fathering quantum electrodynamics, but also for his mischievous streak — especially throughout his work on the Manhattan Project building the first atom bomb.

But while his roguish charm won over classrooms and the public, Feynman was subjected to years of espionage and scrutiny as the Federal Bureau of Investigation trailed him and his associates, intent on rooting out communist sympathies from the man who helped make America the world’s first nuclear power.

 For the first time, FBI records of Feynman which detail this tension—as well as hundreds of pages of interviews with his colleagues, friends and acquaintances—have been released online to the public by MuckRock.

After successfully helping development of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos, Feynman largely left government service for a career in academia, first at Cornell and later Caltech (he would continue to occasionally consult for the government, such as on the Challenger explosion task force).

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