Virtual memory: the race to save the information age by Richard Ovenden

As tributes poured in after the death of Prince last month, a member of the Minnesota Lynx women’s basketball team spoke on US television about her visit to the musician’s Paisley Park studios. She recalled how the players, driven out by limo at his invitation to celebrate their victory in a crucial match, had been asked on arrival to leave cameras and phones outside. The party was amazing but, she regretted, “all we have are our memories”.

For millions of people, technological devices have become essential tools in keeping memories alive — to the point where it can feel as though events without an impression in silicon have somehow not been fully experienced. In under three decades, the web has expanded to contain more than a billion sites. Every day about 300m digital photographs, more than 100 terabytes’ worth, are uploaded to Facebook. An estimated 204m emails are sent every minute and, with 5bn mobile devices in existence, the generation of new content looks set to continue its rapid growth.


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