Salinger’s House, Artist’s Retreat By Sarah Larson

In June, not long after publishing a post about Garth Williams, the artist who illustrated “Charlotte’s Web” and much more, I got a message from another Williams admirer, the children’s-book illustrator and New Yorker cartoonist Harry Bliss. We had never met. “Sarah, if you’re ever in Burlington VT, come by my house to check out all the Garth Williams originals I’ve collected over the years,” he wrote. “All the inspirational studies for Charlotte (26 in graphite and ink, so good) and this gem here.” He attached a photo of a lovely pen-and-ink drawing of Wilbur walking past a fence, sobbing, as the old sheep glares at him. I was delighted. A couple of weeks later, realizing I’d be rambling around New England just after the Fourth of July, I wrote to Bliss and said I’d like to visit.

“Great! I’ll be around,” he wrote. “I actually just bought J. D. Salinger’s home in Cornish NH, about an hour and a half from Burlington, the art is there (it’s my studio now) and I’m there half the week. Let me know if you’d like to see the art in Burlington or Cornish.” This was startling. I told him that I’d love to visit Cornish, and a couple of weeks later there I was.


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