A face pe mortul

Playing Dead: A Journey through the World of Death Fraud By ELIZABETH GREENWOOD

“This is no how-to manual.” Right. Playing Dead is no more not a how-to guide than is The Anarchist Cookbook. Nevertheless, here you will learn (or learn about) the dark art of fabricating your own disappearance. Or, should you wish to go six feet deeper, how to commit pseudocide — fake suicide. For those who prefer the step-by-step approach, there is one of those if/then diagrams, with boxes of questions and arrows that chart your next step depending upon your answer, a map through the mazy minefield of death fraud. Elizabeth Greenwood endeavors to kill herself. That’s commitment, even if she’s only playing.

What do Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakki , Juliet Capulet, Tom Sawyer, and Don Draper share in common? They all faked their death. Playing dead is a hoary old trick, running across species — possums, of course, but it’s also practiced by lemon sharks, snakes, goats, and a passel of others — and serving as a protonarrative for many a myth. It was an exit strategy that Greenwood considered when her student loans threatened to reduce her life to debt management, half steps toward a vanishing point. No, “the dross of life would not inflict itself upon me: I would arrange and edit to suit my specifications. Faking death would be a refusal, a way to reject the dreary facts.”


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