Accent britanic

Why Americans Are So Bloody Awful at British Accents By Rebecca Schuman

No, not her face, you patriarchal jerk—I’m talking about her fake British accent, which somehow, over the course of 15 years and three films, appears to have gone from ace to pants.

When the original Bridget Jones adaptation premiered in 2001, it caused granny-underwear-size shockwaves not just for its star’s monstrous weight gain (to the unheard-of size of many healthy human females), but also for the alleged authenticity of her dialect, which native Britons described as “bang on” and “impeccable.” In the intervening decade and a half, however, it appears that Zellweger has either switched dialect coaches or sacked hers altogether, and I fear Bridget Jones’s Baby will land the actress somewhere between a Costner and a Reeves in the annals of accent history—a bollocks designation to be sure, but one that places her squarely in the majority of her North American peers, when it comes to the seeming impossibility of faking vocal stylings from across the pond.


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