Bob Dylan as Richard Wagner By Alex Ross
The announcement that Bob Dylan will be given the Nobel Prize in Literature set off a predictable but not entirely pointless controversy. Is Dylan literature? If so, does he deserve a place next to Thomas Mann and T. S. Eliot? And, even then, is there a pragmatic argument to be made against giving another big prize to a pop-culture colossus at a time when so many worthy writers struggle in obscurity? Although my Dylan fandom is as immoderate as anyone’s—in 1998, I followed him around the country for several weeks and wrote about the experience for The New Yorker—I’ve been half-swayed by the less huffy protests. As the novelist Hari Kunzru has observed, a Nobel citation can exponentially increase a writer’s audience and help keep independent publishers afloat; in 2016, that opportunity was lost. On the other hand, Dylan did write the line “Behind every beautiful thing there’s been some kind of pain.”

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