Publishing’s Latest Desperate Fad: Dropping F-Bombs By Douglas MacKinnon

The other day, I happened to click on to Amazon and read their top 100 best-selling books for that hour. As I read the list, I was shocked to note—fully understanding that as a conservative, time has passed me by—that 5 of the top 100 books had the f-word in the title.


Ironically, because it was Christmastime, I had first gone to the site to see if my book about the 40 days Jesus walked the earth after His resurrection had crossed into double-digits for Amazon reviews. It had not.

While I am indeed spiritual, I am far from a prude. Once upon a time, I played a bit of hockey and occasionally used expletives to try and add a measure of toughness to help disguise my lack of talent. Since then, I’ve let the f-word and other suitable expletives fly from my mouth from time to time when my claw hammer came in contact with my thumb.

Ultimately, the f-word is just a word. That said, I still don’t think it should be splashed across the cover of a book—mainstream or otherwise. Book publishing is a business, and I get that as much as anyone. Unfortunately, it’s also a bit of a dying business in search of a new business model or fad which will sell copies or downloads while preventing bankruptcies.

So…what to do?


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