Samuel P. Huntington

Samuel Huntington, a prophet for the Trump era By Carlos Lozada

President Trump’s recent speech in Warsaw, in which he urged Europeans and Americans to defend Western civilization against violent extremists and barbarian hordes, inevitably evoked Samuel P. Huntington’s “clash of civilizations” — the notion that superpower rivalry would give way to battles among Western universalism, Islamic militance and Chinese assertiveness. In a book expanded from his famous 1993 essay, Huntington described civilizations as the broadest and most crucial level of identity, encompassing religion, values, culture and history. Rather than “which side are you on?” he wrote, the overriding question in the post-Cold War world would be “who are you?”
So when the president calls on the nations of the West to “summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization,” when he insists that we accept only migrants who “share our values and love our people,” and when he urges the transatlantic alliance to “never forget who we are” and cling to the “bonds of history, culture and memory,” I imagine Huntington, who passed away in late 2008 after a long career teaching at Harvard University, nodding from beyond.


Why You Need Emoji

We also draw information from touch—I once knew a successful businessman who claimed to be able to tell how reliable a potential partner or client was from how they shook his hand. Grip strength, the feel of the other’s palm, and the other actions associated with nothing more complex than a handshake may provide all we believe we need to make far-reaching conclusions about a potential business partnership.

Interpretul preşedintelui

The Strange, High-Pressure Work of Presidential Interpreters By David A. Graham 

“To work at the very top, you have to have an incredible arsenal of general knowledge, because the president will get into every damn topic you can imagine, from nuclear submarines to agriculture to treaty problems to labor problems to God knows what, jellyfish in the sea,” Obst says. “If you don’t know how an airplane flies, if you don’t know how a nuclear reactor works, you’re going to make mistakes.”


Cuminţenia Pământului – sezonul 2

Am impresia că povestea cu Pilonul 2 de pensii seamănă cu povestea subscrierii pentru Cumințenia Pământului. Adică ne-au luat banii si acum nu vor să-i mai vedem nici măcar în poze.

Oricum, în lumina viitorului scandal cu acest Pilon de pensii, se vede altfel acum scandalul cu demiterea lui Mişu Negriţoiu de la ASF. Planul cu mătrășirea pensiilor era pregătit din perioada acelui scandal dar Mişu nu sesiza anvergura loviturii sau știa dar nu putea „să dea pe goarnă”.