Transparență diplomatică

Declarația ministrului Corlățean via Hotnews:

„Este agenda pe care o face partea americana, stiu ca este o intalnire cu ministrul de Externe, inteleg ca este o intalnire la Cotroceni. In ceea ce priveste premierul, am discutat cu domnul prim-ministru de acum doua zile, atunci cand aceasta vizita a fost anuntata. Programul premierului era facut de multa vreme, asa incat, din motive obiective, acel program nu a putut fi schimbat si am tot mandatul premierului sa pot discuta orice fel de aspect pe care si partea americana si partea romana le considera necesare”, a aratat Titus Corlatean, citat de Agerpres.

Îmi aduce aminte de o vorbă:

There is no diplomacy like candor. E. V. Lucas



Aspen Report – Diplomacy & Social Media

Integrating Diplomacy and Social Media
A Report of the First Annual Aspen Institute Dialogue on Diplomacy and Technology, April 2013

By Clifton Martin and Laura Jagla

Concluding on the broad range of topics addressed at ADDTech, it appears that technology has indeed disrupted the institution of international diplomacy. Christopher Hill equated this twenty-first century predicament to an eighteenth century context: “We’re in a similar age to Adams’ wherein Washington is out of touch with the speed of events encountered by embassies across the world.”

But, as Margarita Quihuis, Director of Stanford University Peace Innovation Lab, points out, technology has a habit of disrupting institutions. Wikileaks is one example. As Craig Mundie explains, “Blogging is a dialogue. Tweeting is like advertising. Website is oneway communication. Social media online tools have already empowered other people and formed communities of scale. These tools are in the hands of the masses.”


Viitorul diplomației europene

Vă recomand trei materiale scrise de experți de la the Netherlands Institute of International Relations “Clingendael” privind viitorul diplomației.

Octombrie 2012 – Futures for Diplomacy: Integrative Diplomacy in the 21st Century by Jan Melissen, Shaun Riordan, Paul Sharp en Brian Hocking

Martie 2013 – Whither Foreign Ministries in a Post-Western World? by Brian Hocking, Jan Melissen, Shaun Riordan, Paul Sharp.

We recommend foreign ministries:
– Drive innovation in the development and management of delivery and knowledge networks, home and abroad, within and without government.
– Influence policy through ensuring that these networks map the objectives of international strategy.
– In a post-western world of fragmenting rule sets and contested values, serve as the GPS both to government and society as a whole.
– Provide the 4-dimensional vision that will ensure coherence over time and across geography.

Septembrie 2012 Two Cheers for Public Diplomacy and Place Branding By Peter van Ham

Both public diplomacy and place branding use social power by uploading (new) norms and values, and occasionally pushing for (new) standards and rules.[1] Today, even International Organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations and NATO are conscious of their brand, as are NGO’s, universities, and media. Place branding is inherently part of the constructivist paradigm, since it builds on the understanding that territorial actors have considerable agency in shaping their place and role in international politics.[2] States c.s. use place branding to affect, even modify, their reputation by similar means and processes as commercial brands. Since social power is the ability to set standards and determine what is normal and desirable, the relevance of public diplomacy and place branding as a phenomenon in international politics should be evident.


Un concept- food diplomacy

Câteva exemple de food diplomacy, un concept care pare marginal dar la care recurgem pentru că oferă multe câștiguri pentru cât de putin presupune: un chef.
Food Diplomacy: Mexican Dinner invitation  
Pittsburgh cafe offers cuisine from the U.S. conflict du jour  
The cafe opened in 2010, with Iranian food the first featured cuisine. That was followed by periods of Afghan and Venezuelan food. This month, in a sign of the lingering tension between Washington and Tehran, the Conflict Kitchen is wrapping up another Iranian iteration. One recent Saturday, it featured a Persian dinner party attended by customers in Pittsburgh and diners in Tehran, who were linked via video chat. 

From Manila to Montego Bay, Meatless Monday Goes Global  
What started in 2003 as a U.S. public health campaign has now become a full-fledged global movement with homegrown versions of a „cut out meat one day a week” program in 21 countries, from „Kottfri Mandag” in Sweden to „Segunda Sem Carne” in Brazil. This rapid global growth isn’t the result of a big-budget NGO or a federation with bylaws and quarterly meetings; it’s driven by committed advocates from all walks of life – celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney, foodies and chefs, prominent scientists and physicians and regular moms and students who share the belief that eating less meat is good for our health and good for the planet. 
Romania’s Ambassador on Her Love of Ribs, Cherries, Adour 
Welcome to the Ask the Ambassador, in which Eater meets with different diplomats to discuss their eating and drinking preferences and where they can get a taste of home while they serve their mission in New York City.  


Frequently asked questions
Q: What is Nordic Food Diplomacy?
A: Nordic food is making its name all over the world. This has been recognised by the Nordic Council of Ministers and by the creation of the New Nordic Food Programme. As part of the programme, Nordic Food Diplomacy work to highlight the Nordic cuisine at official meetings, at events at the Nordic embassies abroad and on many other occasions when promoting opportunities can arise.  
The New Nordic Food Program springs from the great Manifesto of New Nordic Cuisine that was created by a group of innovative Nordic chefs in the year of 2004.
It reads:
As Nordic chefs we find that the time has now come for us to create a New Nordic Kitchen, which in virtue of its good taste and special character compares favourable with the standard of the greatest kitchens of the world.