Placebo la control

Cunoscutul efect placebo este întors pe toate fețele într-un articol în care cred că este mai multă psihologie și sociologie decât medicină. Totuși, important este scopul, adică sănătatea.

The Placebo PhenomenonAn ingenious researcher finds the real ingredients of “fake” medicine.

Those findings led to the team’s most recent work: imaging the brains of physicians whilethey treat patients—a side of the treatment equation that no one had previously examined. (The researchers constructed an elaborate set-up in which the doctors lay in fMRI machines specially equipped to enable them both to see their patients outside the machine and administer what they thought was a nerve-stimulating treatment.) “Doctors give subtle cues to their patients that neither may be aware of,” Kaptchuk explains. “They are a key ingredient in the ritual of medicine.” The hope is that the new brain scans will reveal how doctors’ unconscious thought figures into the treatment recipe.