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Turkey stops Russian ships from sailing in reciprocal gesture

The Turkish authorities have blocked 27 Russian ships from sailing towards the Mediterranean and Black Seas, claiming that they fail to meet the necessary criteria, local media reported on Wednesday.

According to the Daily Sabah, Turkey’s decision is reciprocation for a similar decision by the Russian authorities, which are, it is claimed, holding eight Turkish-registered vessels in port. Such moves are allowed for under the mutually-agreed memorandum of understanding for use of the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Passage between the two has to be via the Bosphorus in Istanbul.


Military joke
During the Cold War days, a Russian pilot is captured by the US Army and locked up for interrogation. US interrogator: „Tell us about the plans of the MiG-50 Fighter!” Russian pilot: „I don’t know” He is beaten up, then he’s interrogated again… US interrogator: „Tell us about the plans of the MiG-50 fighter!” Russian pilot: „I have no idea about anything, I swear!” He is beaten up again, then again and again, and finally the Americans get tired of interrogating him, so they let him go back to Russia. In Russia, when he first meets his pilot comrades, he tells them: „Comrades, learn the MiG-50 plans well, ‘cause the Americans almost had me killed for not knowing them!”

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