Rusia și Orientul Mijlociu

League of Arab States, official version.

League of Arab States, official version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rusia face un pas importnat spre colaborarea mai structurată cu Liga arabă, s-a convenit un plan de acțiune comun. Moscova anticipează corect, cred eu, viitorul rol sporit al Ligii arabe în perioada post-Primăvara arabă și, într-o formă sau alta, atât SUA dar și UE vor intra oficial sau neoficial în aceeași schemă cu Liga arabă, contrucția capătă contur.



ACTION PLAN -For the implementation of the principles, goals and objectives of the Russian-Arab Cooperation Forum for 2013-2015
 The Parties will regularly exchange opinions on relevant regional and international issues of common interest with the view of:
∙ Establishing a just and democratic world order with the leading role of the universal legal regulations;
∙ Supporting the establishment of international peace and security;
∙ Achieving a permanent, just, comprehensive and peaceful settlement in the Middle East, based on the relevant United Nations resolutions and the principles adopted by the Madrid Peace Conference, and the Road Map, the Arab Peace initiative;
∙ Coordination of activities in the field of disarmament and non-proliferation including the establishment in the Middle East of a zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems as well asimprovement of international cooperation in the sphere of peaceful nuclear energy;
∙ Developing further of the dialogue among civilizations, including the one based on the goals and values of the Alliance of Civilizations;
∙ Counteraction against global threats and challenges, including threat of terrorism, drug trafficking, corruption, piracy etc.
The Parties will coordinate their approaches and practical steps in the framework of the UN and its specialized agencies as well as other international organizations. The meetings of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the League of Arab States Secretary General will be held annually on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. Foreign policy consultations in the framework of the Joint Senior Officials Committee will be held regularly, at least once every six months.
For this purposes seminars, conferences and other forums with participation of representatives from government institutions, academic and civil society institutions will be held.
The Russian Party’s initiative to organize research-to-practice conference on relations between Russia and the Arab world and relevant aspects of the situation in the Middle East will be considered.