Scenariile privind viitorul Uniunii Europene

După ce am analizat şi răsanalizat, am măsurat, am cântărit şi testat fizico-chimic şi termodinamic mie mi se pare că scenariile 1, 3 şi 5  propuse de Comisia Europeană ar fi ce ne trebuie, viabil ar fi scenariul 3, care ar rupe gura târgului iar dezirabil ar fi o combinație între scenariile 1,3 şi 5 care ne-ar coafa corespunzător.

La voi ce scenariu iese ?



Kalamazoo by  Josephine Livingstone

Every year, three thousand people gather in Kalamazoo for the sake of the years 400 to 1400 (approximately) of the Common Era. The International Congress on Medieval Studies, held annually at Western Michigan University, is the largest gathering of medievalists on earth. They come from all over the world to participate in panels like “Attack and Counterattack: The Embattled Frontiers of Medieval Iberia,” “Waste Studies: Excrement in the Middle Ages,” “Historical, Ethnical and Religious Roots of the Thraco-Geto-Dacians and Their Successors: Romanians and Vlaho-Romanians” and “J. K. Rowling’s Medievalism (I & II).” They are literary critics, historians, experts in numismatics and linguistic datasets, and nuns. There are over five hundred sessions: meetings and drinks parties and bookstalls; groups of monks dressed in black; bespectacled, serious, young men; elderly ladies in capped sleeves. Here is a ragtag bunch of human beings all on the same pilgrimage, playing a part in a story that they can’t read, because they’re in it.

Jazzmen, one, two, three… (91)

The Pookie Duke Gerald Cannon

Roberta Gambarini – Alice In Wonderland


Turn Blue (Jimmy McGriff) At The Hammond B3


Paul Marinaro – „Caravan” – The Jazz Showcase 2014


The „In” Crowd ~ Ramsey Lewis Trio


Stanley Jordan & Friends, Dudu Lima and Habib Faye Band, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 



Top șoc

1. Serban Nicolae: Partizanii anticomunisti au daunat Romaniei. Stalin si Churchill, in egala masura doi criminali.

2. Un primar din Maramureş şi-a organizat nunta în 7 sate, cu 2 000 de oameni. Udrea, Băsescu, prezenţi.

3. Victor Ponta a dezvăluit că Liviu Dragnea şi Laura Codruţa Kovesi au tăiat porcul împreună în 2013.


Progres ?

The Digital-Humanities Bust by Timothy Brennan

 The frequent appeal of DH to „crowdsourcing” and to „building user communities” in order to circumvent professorial authority sounds at first very democratic. But it has a dark side — weaponizing an already potent techno-discourse in the general culture and cutting the legs out from under innovative malcontents and nonconformists. The scattered aggregate of atomized individual contributions in supposedly „collaborative work” inevitably migrates to the safety of social norms. The crowd remains a crowd.

Jazzmen, one, two, three… (90)

Albert King – I Wanna Get Funky